Food for thought .......


Take your time

Make sure you put the time in when not only choosing your wedding car but also the wedding car provider. With so many to choose from, you can get caught up in the moment and dazzled in the bright lights and pressurised sales pitches. look for reccomedations, look back at social media, see what they have been up to.

Do you need a Wedding car

Lots of weddings take place at the same venue as the reception and some couples both stay the night before, in this case you will not be needing a ride to the ceremony. HOWEVER you may want a getaway drive afterwards, maybe just and hour, maybe two, time to reflect, chill and enjoy some much needed YOU TIME before the party. Maybe you want to head off somewhere with your photographer and then back to the venue to make a big entrance to your reception. Or how about a VIP transfer to thr airport after your reception? Mull it over and have  chat with the provider... a wedding car service is not black and white, think outside the box!

Choosing your car

Not everyone wants or needs a wedding car and we are not here to comment on that, its 100% personal choice. For those that do you will find so many options out there, you can hire pretty much anything you want, from a quirky 2CV to and Ferrari 488, if you want it and can afford it, you can have it. 

Things to think about:

  • Your Budget
  • You taste/style
  • Does your wedding have a  theme
  • Are you treating your other half
  • Is car colour a major factor
  • Vintage, Classic, Retro or Modern Luxury
  • Number of seats/passengers
  • Practicality
  • Space for the dress & easy of access
  • Will you need a 2nd car
  • Venue acess
  • Possible whether conditions 

Questions to ask the wedding car provider

  • Do you book by the hour or is it a set price for the job?

  • Is the plan set in stone at point of booking or are we able to make small changes, with plenty of notice?

  • How flexible are you given that things can “crop up” on the day?

  • Will the car stay outside the ceremony venue for photos after the ceremony if we are having the reception at the same venue?

  • Can we drink in the car & do you provide anything complimentary?

  • Are we able to go off in the car for a private drive after the ceremony, and before heading to the reception? And/or go somewhere for photographs?

  • Do you offer multiple runs so that my bridesmaids / The Groom, our bridal party, family or guest can also use the car to get to the ceremony etc?

  • Are you running any deals / promotions right now?

  • Can we book your vehicle/s for pre-wedding transport, Hen, Stag etc? 

  • Can we book your car as part of our package to take us to and/or collect us from the Airport (Honeymoon)? 

  • We understand that “things happen” out of your control, so what happens if your car was to break down prior to the day, collection or whilst on the booking, do you have a back-up vehicle?

  • Do you have Terms and Conditions?

  • How much deposit do you require?

  • When is the final balance due?

  • Can we come and view the car?

Get it right

This part of your wedding planning is not stressful when booked via the right provider, find a good one and your wedding car experience will be exceptional. View our unique wedding car collection, pick one and you are well on your way...…